WISE IN THE WORKS, Season II — begins with Saugerties High School


Thanksgiving has come and gone – before we know it, the second semester will be upon us and WISE will be in full swing! So this is the time that seniors are rushing around and testing out their ideas – on each other, on their teachers, on anyone who will listen to them.

Task forces in high schools across the country are part of the process. Teachers, students, community members come together to help keep WISE going strong in their school and specially to give a leg up to kids who are beginning their projects. It’s always great to have a task force or steering committee available to bring new perspectives and points of view into the fulcrum.

At Saugerties High School in Saugerties, New York, the task forcsaugerties-hs-trimmede met recently and discussed the topics that the current students have come up with. The list is, of course, a varied one and covers the spectrum from health care, the military and first responders to body art, transportation and the arts.

To give you an idea of that range:

  • Madeline Armstrong- Stroke patients & Related providers
  • Jacob Johansen- Veterans’ Affairs Healthcare system
  • Krystal Johnson- Tattoo Artistry
  • Peter Jubie- Marines/Diesel mechanics
  • Mareena Leris- Makeup/Cosmetology
  • Mia Pedersen- Occupational Therapy
  • Madison Perri- Optometry
  • Nick Secreto- Firefighting
  • Luke Sexton- Railroad Operations
  • Jasper Weaver- Music, Animation/Illustration

ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW WISE IDEAS & NEW WISE HELPERS                               Saugerties WISE consultants, Allison Brennan and Denyse Ortlieb, were thrilled to have their WISE students come up with such wonderful ideas. They are looking for people who might be able to pitch in with thoughts  helpful to the students as they begin the WISE process. So if you have possible contacts, sites or other suggestions,please get in touch — they’d love to be able to pass them on.

And along the same lines, if you are a Saugerties student and/or resident and would like to serve on the task force, they’re actively recruiting members who can pitch in and make a great program even better.

Keep tuning in for still more glimpses of this year’s WISE IN THE WORKS!



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