What We Do

WISE CommunityWISE Services works with teachers, students, parents, administrators and community members at schools interested in beginning a locally designed WISE program. WISE Services provides initial materials and assists each program on an ongoing basis.

Staffed by former WISE coordinators and mentors with years of experience, WISE Services schedules workshops in project selection, mentoring, journal writing, presentations, program evaluation and task force development. WISE Services also encourages interaction among WISE schools through annual conferences, coordinator exchanges and special, joint school project events.

Direct and Ongoing Support: WISE Services supports individual WISE programs

Staff Site Visits: to maintain regular face to face contact with each WISE school.

WISE Services Website: provides updated information about the program, coordinator meetings, events and conferences.

Scheduled Workshops: WISE Services presents a series of workshops to help participants understand and carry out their responsibilities. To schedule a WISE Workshop, contact us at office@wiseservices.org.

Project Preparation Workshop: focuses on how students create a project with the assistance of the mentor.

Journal Workshop: teaches students how to design a creative, reflective research and experience-based document that truly represents the richness of their project.

Mentor Workshop: explores the various tasks a mentor will undertake and shows mentors how the WISE process prepares students for lifelong learning.

Project Enrichment Workshop: guides school-based WISE staff on how to work with students to enhance and enrich student experiences and projects.

Presentation Workshop: introduces the process of creating a meaningful presentation.

Project Assessment Workshop: provides assessment guidelines and engages student evaluators, mentor evaluators and community evaluators in a discussion of the importance of the assessment process.

Program Assessment Workshop: illustrates ways a program is improved for subsequent years through the use of adaptable assessment tools to collect data and enhance the school’s program.

Collaborative Exchange: The exchange of ideas and information among WISE participants is a key component of WISE and is encouraged through the Coordinators’ Exchanges, the Annual Conference, the Newsletter, and the WISE website.

Coordinators’ Exchanges: Each fall and winter, Coordinators’ Exchanges are held at a WISE school to allow coordinators to meet, share ideas and discuss concerns.

Annual Conferences: Held in the spring, this event features a significant theme in the world of WISE. Hosted by a WISE school, the conference’s attendees include students, mentors, staff and community members from participating schools and from schools exploring the possibility of introducing WISE for their seniors.

Newsletter: Published periodically, the Newsletter provides articles of interest and substance that serve as a resource to the WISE community.