Another Great WISE Project — beginning and end — from the Past

To remind us of how wonderful WISE projects can be, we’re posting “beginnings and endings” of WISE projects that were completed in the past during this first month of the new school year.  Hope that these will inspire others as they begin their WISE journeys. Send me your new project ideas, seniors and mentors and coordinators!

Here is another outstanding project from LAST YEAR: Immersing in the Art of Glass

J Mourin, or Mo,  the Ithaca High School senior who did indeed immerse herself in the Art of Glass, took full advantage of her apprenticeship in a glass studio, documenting the experience thoroughly, both in words and images, in her blog. Mo began that blog in February with the following:

As an Arts and science student, I’m intrigued by this media of 3D work I have yet to explore, which involves heat, in high temperatures like kilns, as well as the appeal of producing functional work.  Ceramics was offered as a 3D extracurricular class, and I took the course after being told of its fun.  I started with hand building clay pots, and sculptures, and in the second semester, I started wheel throwing.  

My passion has exponentially grown to love Ceramics, the science behind it, as well as the functionality of it.  Having done an independent study last year in Ceramics and Sculpture, being a studio assistant for my mentor Jackie Richardson, I learned how much I can progress in a medium learning on my own.  As well as being a studio assistant, I learned how to load kilns, bisque firing and glaze firing all sorts of pots.  It was a lot of effort having to clean the clay covered studio and often chisel the glaze run off on the kiln shelves. 


The initial design for Mo’s glass project

Appreciating the mentorship Ms. Rich provided me I am confident in my ability to not only learn from my next mentor, but take on an apprenticeship, in now my senior year… Glass Sculpture seems to constantly resemble wheel throwing as it involves high temperatures and producing functional works.  My apprenticeship will fulfill my goals to gain knowledge about glass work and start a portfolio of everything I work on and create in the studio. Learning to be an apprentice will be new for me, but providing a purpose is my goal in life for everything I choose to accomplish and with a passion in 3D work, Glassware presents the most intriguing challenge for my next journey

At the end, after that fantastic journey, she bade


When I first started this project I had no idea what I was getting into, I didn’t know how stained glass worked or anything about it.  But I now know more than I ever thought I would.  I have connections to Corning and infinite memories in the studio.  A great family of glass artists and mentors to come back to later in life with a small Glass StudiMO at home.  Ithaca has finally laid reason on me to stay.

  My glass journey has made new windows for me to look through showing me everything I’ll now be leaving behind.  I’m sad, but proud to finish.  I’ve put so much effort into my senior year and now only care for WISE and nothing else.  With my presentation still to go I don’t cry yet, but I will, as I leave school, WISE, glass, clay and friends, I leave the country as well.  I don’t know what I’ll come back to, but hopefully it’s an Ithaca still filled with my memories.

 I leave my legacy at the studio, hopefully, I will be remembered as the person who cut all those blossoms.


The Result: Glass Blossoms

Still not done by the way!

To end on a good note, it’s been 16 weeks, or so, and my blog has gotten views from all of the worlds nations and now we can wonder, why.


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